The BPA Way

The BPA Way – Culture of High Expectations

Our Approach

  • Our procedures for rewarding children who choose to behave well and for applying consequences to children who choose to behave badly will be open, fair, graduated, straightforward and clear.
  • There will be a progressive and differentiated approach to managing children’s behaviour from Foundation Stage to Year 6. The basic principles will be consistent, but the application of rewards and sanctions will be appropriate to the child’s age and stage of development
  • All staff will do their utmost to implement our agreed policies in a consistent manner.
  • We will work closely with children’s parents and carers in encouraging all children to make positive choices to behave well. We expect all parents and carers to support our behaviour policy.

Non-negotiable behaviours

There are four kinds of behaviour, which are totally unacceptable.

  1. Bullying, intimidating, threatening or verbally abusing others (including swearing) about: disability, ethnicity, gender, religion, belief or faith background or sexual identity.
  2. Refusing to co-operate with, or being abusive to, an adult
  3. Being violent or hurting others
  4. Deliberately damaging school or other people’s property

These behaviours will lead to the immediate involvement of the SLT, without necessarily going through the usual staged and gradual approach to sanctions.

Children who carry out any of the 4 non-negotiable behaviours will be seen by the Head Teacher or Deputy Head Teacher.

Any child that causes damage to school property will be asked to pay to replace or repair it.  The incident will be discussed with the parent.

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