The BPA Way

The BPA Way – Routines to Support Learning

Our School Rules

  1. We are kind to everyone – Kind with our words and kind with our actions.

This means that:

We think about what we do and say and how it might affect someone else.

We do not hit, kick, spit at, slap, push or hurt anyone else.

We do not bully, threaten, steal, shout at, swear, name call or tease.

We hold doors open for people.

We help children who are sad or hurt.

We share well with other children.

  1. We show respectWe listen to adults and each other, we follow instructions and we are honest.

This means that:

We listen to what other people have to say – looking at them and responding appropriately.

We do what the adults at the school ask us to do straight away.

We don’t back chat, interrupt, shout out, or talk when someone else is talking.

We don’t argue.

We don’t tell lies.

We don’t try to get other people in trouble.

We tell the truth, even if we have done something wrong.

  1. We are careful – Careful with equipment, with people and when we move around school.

This means that:

We don’t break things on purpose.

We use things in the way they are meant to be used.

We don’t use other people’s things without asking.

We put things back in the right place when we have finished with them.

We don’t take things that don’t belong to us.

We are not rough with people.

We show marvellous walking around school – quiet, smart and purposeful.

We do not run, shout, push or barge into people around school.

We find calm ways to resolve problems with others.

Our Three School Rules are applied consistently and fairly to ensure that all pupils have a right to learn and all staff have a right to teach. Staff and visitors in school are positive role models for our children. Everything we do, all our words, actions, postures, planning, organisation, and also what we do not do, contributes to behaviour. It is therefore crucial that staff consider their own behaviour and what this is communicating at all times. At the beginning of each academic year pupils will develop a ‘Class Charter’ under the direction of their class teacher. Each ‘Class Charter’ will use age appropriate language to make sure our rules are meaningful and understood by all. Pupils will produce a display of ‘The Class Charter’ for their own classroom.  Visitors to the school are given information about our rules and are encouraged to praise and reward children who are modelling the desired behaviours.

Parental Involvement

We make our Behaviour Management practices clear to our parents at the start of each year and discuss this with parents and carers during any behaviour meeting held.

Parents/carers are informed of any incidents of inappropriate behaviour and the action which was taken on the day that the incident occurred in line with the procedures set out above.

We also like to inform parents/carers of positive behaviour and encourage them in a non-intrusive way to let us know of any events taking place within the home, which may be having an effect on

At playtime and dinnertime, children will be asked to spend timeout on the wall if they break school rules.  Sanctions will not be carried back into the classroom, as this will have been carried out through time on the wall during the playtime.

Any of the non-negotiable behaviours, however, will be treated as exceptional and will not necessarily progress through the sanction system.  They may result in being taken straight to the SLT and having a detention or other such sanction applied immediately.

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