The BPA Way

The BPA Way – Support and Escalation

At Bluecoat Primary Academy, we have developed a behaviour support pathway in order to support children and teaching staff in our school.

Below is our pastoral pyramid model, which represents the different provisions we have in place and the two pathways we utilise in order to support our children pastorally.



Behaviour Pathway

Our Behaviour Pathway consists of four provisions:

  • Universal Provisions

  • Universal Plus

  • Targeted Support

  • Specialists Provision

Universal Provision

Our Universal Provision is the behaviour provision that all members of staff at Bluecoat Primary Academy offer our children. This is the non-negotiable provision that all staff must provide to our children in order to allow them to be successful when learning in our school. Our Universal Provision strongly focuses on using positive behaviour enforcements in order to develop effective learning behaviours in class and around our school. It also highlights the provision in place for a child who may choose to make a negative choice and the consequences to that choice. This is the start of our behaviour pathway.

Universal Plus

This provision continues to use the strategies suggested by our universal offer but goes a step further by offering our teaching staff the expertise of their Key Stage Leaders as support. Here, the Key Stage Leaders will use our online Go4Schools Tracking to determine Hot Spots for this child and suggest where and when the child is making these negative choices. Key Stage Leaders will also make observations of the individual children during structured and non-structured times and suggest possible strategies the class teacher could put in place to support the child further. Here, the Key Stage Leader acts as a Behaviour Mentor and supports the class teacher in having conversations and discussions with the child’s parents.

If the child can continues to make negative choices and the strategies have been implemented have been unsuccessful, the class teacher will now complete our Route 2 Inclusion Pathway, Concern Form 1 and 2 to determine if the child has a potential need that is not being addressed. The Key Stage Lead and SENCo will review this document, suggest strategies and if after six weeks they are still unsuccessfully then Concern Form 3 will be completed to determine whether the child has a Special Educational Need.

Targeted Provision

Our Targeted Provision is our third provision on our behaviour pathway. If a child has continued to make negative choices due to behaviour or due to having a special educational need, they will now be moved onto a Targeted Behaviour Support Plan. This is a support plan that consists of SMART Targets designed to support the child in making good choices. This is led by our Behaviour Learning Mentors (BLM) in school. Here, our BLM organise and support our class teachers through the process of developing SMART behaviour targets and reviewing the behaviour each week. These SMART targets will also be shared with the child and the child’s guardians in a formal meeting led by the Key Stage Lead and SENCo. Here, the child will also continue moving down our Route 2 Inclusion pathway. Once the SMART targets are agreed, the BLM and SENCo will suggest further strategies that need to be in place to support that individual child. This may consist of an ELSA package, which supports the child’s emotional well-being or it may consist of s soft start or end to the day so that the child can have a daily debrief. Here, the child initially may work in our Rookery 1:1 with our BLM in order to discuss their behaviour and develop strategies to improve and manage their feelings and emotions. The end goal of the behaviour support pathway is for the child to eventually revive support in class by the BLM and eventually, due to the impact of the strategies in place, come off the Behaviour Support Plan.

In order to review the behaviour support plan and to evidence the impact the strategies are having, each week the class teacher will use our Tally Frequency Tracker to tally how often the child has display negative choices. This is inputted by our BLM onto Go4Schools so that the Key Stage Lead can review the impact the new strategies are having on that individual child. This supports our three week reviews, where the hopefully a decrease in negative behaviour has occurred due to the support the BLM has put in place

Specialist Provision

The final part of our pastoral pyramid and our behaviour pathway is our specialist Provision. This provision is provided by our SENCo who considers the support of outside agencies and potential Special Educational Needs strategies to support the individual child.


Individual Behaviour Support Plans

If a pupil is moved into our Targeted provision, they will be required to have additional support in order to understand how to work within our school rules. Individual Behaviour Contracts and support plans are created by the SLT, Key Stage Lead and Behaviour Mentor in conjunction with the class teacher, parent and child in order to set improvement targets and offer positive encouragement for the children to demonstrate the desired behaviours.

A sample of these can be found on the server but all are individual to the child so may vary in format and detail.

On the very rare occasions that a pupil’s behaviour is deemed to be dangerous, will put them, other children or a staff member at risk, causes significant damage to property or disrupts the good order and discipline in school, we may be required to use reasonable force to physically intervene and remove a child from that situation.  This is a last resort, in all cases, and we prefer to avoid this kind of intervention using a range of de-escalation strategies.  Key members of our staff are fully trained in these types of strategies and interventions. Parents of the child concerned are always informed if physical intervention has been required with their child.

For children whose behaviour poses a risk to themselves or others, risk assessments and individual handling policies will be produced. In such cases these will be drawn up by the SENCo, in conjunction with the SLT, class teacher, parent/carer and pupil.

This is discussed with the classmates of those children, so that their classmates don’t feel that the system is unfair and they understand why some children require personalised sanctions.

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