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  • Teachers know their children well and plan lessons that build on the children’s prior knowledge and enable them to reach the next stage of their learning.
  • Work is differentiated to offer a level of challenge to all learners.
  • Personal feedback is used to help children to develop their understanding further and challenge themselves to set targets for themselves.
  • Children who are finding work challenging are supported during lessons and through intervention with an adult.

We celebrate our successes in and out of school in the following ways:

  • Praise is used generously each and every day.  Our behaviour policy is based around focusing on the positives and staff are always looking for children who are being successful.
  • Children receive stickers in class in recognition of their successes.
  • All classes choose a child to be ‘star of the day’ this could be for academic or social successes.
  • Parents are encouraged to sign up to the Marvellous Me! App so that the teachers can send e-badges to you and your child when they have been successful.
  • One child in each class is awarded a success award in our celebration assembly on a Friday.     
  • Children are given the opportunity to talk about their successes outside of school.

Take Care – We take care of ourselves, each other and the world

How do we achieve this aim at Bluecoat Primary Academy?

  • Daily acts of worship are used to explore the impact we have on others and how we can show care and compassion towards others.
  • Children are encouraged to work collaboratively.
  • PSHE sessions help children to reflect on their actions and impact.
  • Children generally behave very well towards each other.
  • When children do fall out, we use restorative justice techniques to resolve conflicts, help children learn from their mistakes and demonstrate forgiveness.
  • Children in our school council have begun looking for ways that we can recycle more.
  • Each class is linked to a charity which they raise funds for.
  • Children can be nominated for a weekly take care award.

Resilience – We try, try and try try again

How do we achieve this aim at Bluecoat Primary Academy?

  • Children are encouraged to take risks in their learning.
  • We regularly look at our mistakes as ways to enhance our learning.
  • Children are praised for their efforts and the learning process rather than just their outcomes and achievements.
  • Children can be nominated for a resilience award.

Integrity – We do the right thing, even when no one is watching

How do we achieve this aim at Bluecoat Primary Academy?

  • We have a clear set of rules that are displayed throughout school.
  • Children are praised and rewarded for modelling good behaviours,
  • Role models are identified throughout school and called upon to model desired behaviours to the rest of the school.
  • Children who do not follow the school rules follow move down on our behaviour traffic light and may receive a playtime detention.
  • Children who show excellent behaviour can be nominated for a weekly integrity award.

Values – We are guided by our Christian Values  (Peace, hope, forgiveness, friendship, compassion, trust, justice, thankfulness)

How do we achieve this aim at Bluecoat Primary Academy?

  • These values underpin all that we do as a school – right from decision making amongst the senior leaders to the way children interact with each other.
  • These values are explored regularly and deeply during daily collective worship. 
  • Children study these values through the RE and PSHE curricular.
  • Children are regularly given time for reflection.
  • Children generally get on well together and support one another.
  • Our charity work encourages children to be guided by their values.
  • Children are encouraged to use good manners and show gratitude.
  • Following traditional festivals and the Christian calendar encourages children to demonstrate these values (e.g., Harvest Festival, Lent, Advent, Easter)
  • Children who demonstrate these values well are can be nominated for a weekly values award.

Engage – We engage to be part of something special and to make a difference

How do we achieve this aim at Bluecoat Primary Academy?

  • Children are encouraged to engage with each other within and outside of lessons
  • Each class elects two school council representatives.  The school council enables students to have a voice and make decisions for the school.
  • Older children are given the opportunity to support younger children and take on responsibilities within the school (For example: play leaders, Believe Time leaders, lunchtime helpers).
  • All children are encouraged to take an interest in the world around them and their ideas are always valued and encouraged.
  • Children are encouraged to be active learners who really apply themselves and challenge themselves to take their learning to the next stage.
  • Children who stand out for engage in their learning or engaging well in school can be nominated for a weekly engage award.

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