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Why do we use Seesaw at Bluecoat Primary Academy 

 At Bluecoat Primary Academy, we strongly value the input of all parties that impact on a child’s development and we fully understand that a child’s learning does not stop when they leave our school. We also know the importance of teachers creating strong, professional relationships with all adults that surround the children in our class and a clear communication system that allows all parents and teachers to collaborate and discuss matters that concern each child. We also STRIVE in making sure we create not just a community but a Bluecoat Family that all play a vital role in educating our children and have an input in our curriculum. It is for these reasons that we are moving to using the online tool Seesaw, as it enables better communication between parents and teachers, allows everyone to be involved in a child’s learning journey and creates a picture of the whole child throughout their time at our school.

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