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Here at Bluecoat Primary Academy we use Reach More Parents – a  digital communications tool specifically designed for parent and Academy staff communications.

Reach More Parents allows you to see live updates about your child’s education, meaning you will never miss a moment of your child’s learning Journey.

Receive alerts and keep updated with School News, Trips, Learning Activities, Important Announcements, Key Dates and Events, Attendance Information and much more!

How to log in to Reach More Parents:

  • By downloading the app onto your smart phone or tablet. You can download Reach More Parents from the App Store or Google Play.
  • By logging in via the Reach More Parents website/portal at:

You will be receiving an enrolment message, and both priority one and two contacts with parental responsibility will be provided with an enrolment code, plus instructions on how to download the app.

Look out for your Enrolment message and instructions when you join Bluecoat Primary Academy! 

Why do we use Seesaw at Bluecoat Primary Academy 

At Bluecoat Primary Academy, we strongly value the input of all parties that impact on a child’s development and we fully understand that a child’s learning does not stop when they leave our school. We also know the importance of teachers creating strong, professional relationships with all adults that surround the children in our class and a clear communication system that allows all parents and teachers to collaborate and discuss matters that concern each child. We also STRIVE in making sure we create not just a community but a Bluecoat Family that all play a vital role in educating our children and have an input in our curriculum. It is for these reasons that we are moving to using the online tool Seesaw, as it enables better communication between parents and teachers, allows everyone to be involved in a child’s learning journey and creates a picture of the whole child throughout their time at our school.

For more information above Seesaw please click and download the document below:

Seesaw Information

How to translate text in Seesaw

You can now translate all notes, captions, comments, announcements, and messages on Seesaw.

How to translate text

  1. Tap Translate with Google and Seesaw automatically translates any text into your native language (you will need to go to settings and select the language of choice).
  2. At any time, tap View Original to revert the translation.

For further information, please watch this video on how to translate text via Seesaw:

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