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Who’s Who

Senior Leaders:

Mrs Shaw Head Teacher

Mrs S Shaw

Head Teacher

Mr Smith Deputy Head Teacher

Mr C Smith

Deputy Head Teacher



James Morning

IMG 0539

Sobia Ali

IMG 0540

Paula Burrell – Safeguarding Governor

Additional Teaching & Support:

Mrs Baker

Mrs S Baker

Reading Recovery Teacher / Key Stage 1 Lead

Josh Hasnip

Mr J Hasnip

Class Cover Teacher

Ruth Bolstridge

Mrs R Bolstridge

Class Cover Teacher

Kathryn Sykes

Mrs K Sykes

Class Cover Teacher

Photo Kathryn Brown

Miss K Brown

Family Support Worker

Class Teams:


Chloe Steele

Mrs C Steele

Ducklings Teaching Assistant

Kelly Burns Photograph

Mrs K Burns

Ducklings Teacher


Benjamin Jackson

Mr B Jackson

Early Years Foundation Stage Leader

Peacocks Teacher

Miss Pattenden Teacher Ducklings

Miss K Pattenden

Flamingos Teacher

Haidee Eyre

Mrs H Eyre

Peacocks Teaching Assistant

Year 1:

Miss Keith Teacher Flamingoes

Miss H Keith

Puffins Teacher
Staff Governor

Lucy Nkhoma

Miss L Nkhoma

SCITT Student

Miss Horridge

Miss B Horridge

Penguins Teacher

Miss Swali

Miss R Swali

Puffins Teaching Assistant

Ms Singh

Mrs K Singh

Penguins Teaching Assistant

Year 2:

Ashika Patel

Miss A Patel

Kingfishers Teacher

Rebecca Laird Photo

Miss R Laird

Hummingbirds Class Teacher

Kerry Travis

Mrs K Travis

Kingfishers Teaching Assistant

Halima Akhtar

Miss H Akhtar

Hummingbirds Teaching Assistant

Year 3:

Beth Cutteridge

Mrs B Cutteridge

Owls Teacher

Rebecca Smith

Mrs R Smith

Eagles Teacher

Mrs Williamson

Mrs D Williamson

Eagles and Owls Teaching Assistant

Year 4:

Miss Hatcher Teacher

Miss L Hatcher

Parrots Teacher

Lauren Lewis

Miss L Lewis

Parrots Teaching Assistant


Miss B Breger

Year 4 Teaching Assistant

J Bowering Picture

Miss J Bowering

Toucans Class Teacher

Year 5:

Natalie Banton

Miss N Banton

Emus Teacher / Key Stage 2 Lead

Ashley Ward

Mr A Ward

Kiwis Teacher


Mr D Rigley

Emus Teaching Assistant


Miss R Feary

Teaching Assistant

Year 6:

Ben Stanley

Mr B Stanley

Falcons Teacher

Mrs Beniston

Mrs J Bennison

Falcons Teaching Assistant

Laura Cunningham

Mrs L Cunningham

Falcons Teacher

Special Educational Needs

Monchih Ponty

Mrs M Ponty


Mrs Kieran

Mrs S Kieran

Behaviour and Learning Mentor

Lawson Photo

Miss G Lawson

Teaching Assistant

Rebecca Hinton

Miss R Hinton

Level 3 Teaching Assistant – Nest Lead

Jess Robinson

Miss J Robinson

Teaching Assistant

Beautyman Photo

Ms M Beautyman

Teaching Assistant

Georgia Murphy

Miss G Murphy

Teaching Assistant

Paula York

Mrs P York

Teaching Assistant

Ryder Photo

Miss K Ryder

Teaching Assistant

Mr Stewart

Mr A Stewart

Teaching Assistant

Admin Team:


Mrs H Trowbridge

Academy Manager

Danielle Launder

Miss D Launder

Senior Administrator

Lisa Ilyk

Mrs L Ilyk


Miss H Frost


Site Team:

Mr G Sisson

Mr G Sisson

Site Officer

Midday Supervisors:

Photo Verity Swanwick

V Swanwick

Dr J Hornibrook

Dr Hornibrook

Mrs N Khosar

Mrs Khosar

Mrs S Kingsland

Mrs S Kingsland

Kalsoom Ara

K Ara

Jackson Photo

K Jackson

E Wood

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