In Year 4, we have been learning about The Ancient Mayans. The children wanted to share with you what they had learnt!

Mayan food

Laiba and Megan: Mayan people were the first people to discover chocolate! They put in cinnamon, cocoa and a little bit of chilli. They drank hot chocolate as a treat as it was very rare to find. It took over six days to prepare the cacao beans.

Riley and Tourae: Did you know, Mayan’s never ate chocolate but only drank it.

Muhamad and Tyler: We made the hot chocolate in the staff room and tasted it. We thought it was delicious! Not everyone liked it though.

Mayan hieroglyphics

Peyton and Renad: We found out they used hieroglyphics to communicate with each other.

Fatimah and Adhal: The hieroglyphics were pictures which meant words to people. Some of the symbols were words for holy and spirit.

We practised writing our own hieroglyphics.

Chichen Itza

Manahil and Ahsan: The Chichen Itza was a big city in the Mayan times. It had lots of temples in it, like the Temple of the bearded man. They played ball games and the losers got sacrificed.

Mayan dance

We watched people performing traditional Mayan dancing and performed our own.

Mayan music

Maaria and Ayesha: Mayans play drums a lot in their music. It is louder than the whistle, which is played in the background.

Anto and Alex: Mayan music doesn’t sound like music right now. We listened to the music and created some of our own using percussion instruments.

Muzakir and Jawairia: In the music, some instruments play the same rhythm the whole time and some improvise.

Mayan mosaic masks

Jamaal and Talha: Mayans wore masks for battles, funerals and parties. They used masks in battles to scare people. They put on death masks.

Oleg and Alishba: We created our own masks and added colour to them by using small pieces of paper to make a mosaic.

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