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Below is the Trust Behaviour Policy – for further details of our behaviour expectations at Bluecoat Primary and details of the BPA way please visit our Behaviour Page.

Children who have started Reception at Bluecoat arrive from many different pre-school settings. The decision to create two classes is based on the best available information at the time, but given the wide range of settings Reception children join the school from, there is limited face to face prior knowledge of the children, friendships, attainment, learning needs, support required, progress, capability and aptitude. However, by the end of Reception there is a very detailed knowledge of the children in all areas of learning, which can inform our decision making for class organisation the following year. We also often have children leave or join the school in different year groups at different points throughout the year. These children have to slot into whichever class has a space. Re-organising classes helps us to find the best place for all children.

If you would like to know more about how and why we move children between classes, please see rationale for the re-organisation of parallel classes document below:

Rationale for the re-organisation of parallel classes.

Trust Policies

ALT Access for Education and Training Providers Policy
ALT Accessibility Policy
ALT Allowances Relating To Governance Policy
ALT Anti-Child on Child Abuse & Bullying Policy
ALT Assessment Policy
ALT Attendance and Punctuality Policy
ALT Behaviour and Exclusions Policy
ALT Biometric Information Policy
ALT Careers Policy
ALT Charging and Remissions Policy
ALT Code of Conduct
ALT Complaints Policy
ALT CPL Policy
ALT Data Protection Policy
ALT Drugs Education Policy
ALT Equality And Diversity Policy
ALT Equality Objectives
ALT Extremism and Radicalisation Policy
ALT Family Friendly Policy
ALT Finance Policy
ALT First Aid Policy
ALT Freedom of Information Policy
ALT Health Safety and Security Policy
ALT ICT Acceptable Use Policy
ALT Lettings Policy
ALT Privacy Notice for Recruitment
ALT Privacy Notice for Students
ALT Privacy Notice for Visitors
ALT Privacy Notice Parents / Carers
ALT Publication Scheme
ALT RHSE Policy (Primary)
ALT RSHE Policy (Secondary)
ALT Supporting Students With Medical Conditions
ALT Sustainability Policy
ALT Target Setting Policy
ALT Wellbeing, Health & Benefits Policy
ALT Whistleblowing Policy

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