Mathematics Curriculum

Mathematics Curriculum

Why do we teach Mathematics?

At Bluecoat Primary Academy, we see Maths as a key part of our Bluecoat curriculum adding to the engagement, excitement and innovation of it. Within Maths we encourage the use of discussion, problem solving and reasoning alongside the completion of calculations. Our Calculation Policy provides coherence and consistency throughout and across year groups. We aim to ensure that our Maths curriculum provides opportunities for children to see mathematics as relevant and worthwhile in their current life and in the future in regards to school-life and employment. Our curriculum is centred upon a mastery approach that showcases problem solving, reasoning and creativity to allow the children to showcase their mathematical thinking and to apply their knowledge to a variety of situations.

Essentially we aim for our children to:

  • Become fluent mathematicians
  • Reason and explain mathematically
  • Solve problems

Every lesson aims to provide children with the opportunity to problem solve, tackle complex problems and explain their reasoning. These chances are provided throughout the lesson structure and therefore providing depth for all instead of the few at the end of a lesson.

For further information regarding our mathematics curriculum, please contact our Maths Leader, Miss Welsh.

For further information regarding our appraoch to mathematics at Bluecoat Primary Academy, please read our The BPA Way: Whole School Approach to Mathematics Framework and The BPA Way: Whole School Approach to Written Calculation Framework. 

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