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Bluecoat Life: Extra Curricular Activities

Bluecoat Life: Extra-Curricular After School Clubs

At Bluecoat Primary Academy, we provide our children with extra-curricular opportunities through our After School Sporting Clubs and our Bluecoat Life initiative.

After School Sporting Clubs

At Bluecoat Primary Academy, we offer after school sporting clubs. These sporting clubs start straight after school until 4pm and focus on a range of sports on a rota basis. These include football, tag rugby and table tennis.

Our current After School Sporting Clubs are:

Please contact our Reception on: 0115 900 7200 to enquire about one of our sporting clubs

Bluecoat Life

We also offer extra-curricular activities linked to career pathways through our Bluecoat Life initiative.

What is Bluecoat Life?

Bluecoat Life is an initiative which ensures career-related learning happens within our school in the form of different after school clubs. Bluecoat Life after school clubs will involve teachers and teaching assistants raising aspirations and broadening children’s’ horizons (through careers insights and ‘what’s my job’ discussions) and offering our children career opportunities within our curriculum (through topic-based activities) designed to motivate children, to give them self-belief and to connect learning to life. This also includes children learning to improve their non-academic skills (i.e. activities often based in the curriculum but geared more towards improving enterprise and life skills, financial awareness, socioemotional skills and behaviours

When does Bluecoat Life happen?

Bluecoat Life happens every Tuesday after school from 3:10pm to 3:50pm for the first 5 weeks of each half term. Children can choose from a range of four after school clubs that all have a focus of developing their non-academic skills. Each club is led by three Bluecoat Teaching Assistants and has a maximum of 20 pupils per club.

How do I sign my child up for a Bluecoat Life after school club?

Below, you will find the Bluecoat Life Clubs that we run during each half term. To sign your child up for a club, please follow the instructions bellowing the Weduc App.

How to sign up: Instructions

  1. Open the Weduc App.
  2. Click on the family icon to access payments (this icon)
  3. Click payments
  4. If you have never clicked on the payment icon before, it will ask you to make a squid account (make a squid account). If you have a squid account, it will take you straight through to the payment section.
  5. Click the three lines in the top right corner then select, NEW OFFERS.
  6. Select the Bluecoat Life club you would like to pay for.
  7. Click, add to basket,
  8. Finally, click view basket and make contribution payment of £2.

This will secure your child’s club placement. Places will be given at a first come first serve bases.

If you are unable to make a payment, it will mean the club is FULL and you will have to select another club. You will however be able to add yourself to the waiting list in case any children can no longer attend. We will contact you if this is the case.

Club Contribution

We also ask each parent to make a £2 club contribution when signing their child up to a club. We are ask for contributions so that we can resource all the Bluecoat Life Clubs on offer (building block, crafts, and ingredients ext.). We thank you in advance for your contribution.

Who can attend Bluecoat Life?

Bluecoat Life is for pupils in Years 2 to Years 6. All children who consistently showcase our school rules of being kind, showing respect and being careful can attend Bluecoat Life.

What time do I collect my child?

You must collect your child at 3:50pm. Our Teaching Assistants working hours finish at 4:00pm and they require time to pack up the FUN mess that has been made. Any child collected after 4:00pm may be unable to attend Bluecoat Life on further dates.

What are the Bluecoat Life Clubs on offer?

We currently offer the following Bluecoat Life Clubs:

Please read our half termly Bluecoat Life Club letter to sign up for one of our Bluecoat Life Clubs.

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