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The BPA Way to Behaviour

Behaviour Expectations

‘Behaviour should be seen as a curriculum. The habits and skills that comprise successful class behaviour should be taught to all pupils.’
Tom Bennet, The Beginning Teachers’ Behaviour Toolkit

Our Behaviour Ethos at Bluecoat Primary Academy

All children are a gift from God. They are all special and should be allowed to develop and grow in a nurturing environment secure in the knowledge that they are cherished.

At Bluecoat Primary Academy we endeavour to create a safe and stimulating environment where everyone knows that they are all valued as God’s children. We have high standards in achievement and behaviour underpinned by our deeply Christian vision and aims.

We will provide an educational and social experience to meet the learning and emotional needs of all our pupils within the framework of a caring, supportive and structured environment.

Pupils will be helped to develop their individual potential for growth, self-worth and self-control through experiencing clear and consistent guidance and support on appropriate ways of behaving towards other people within the school and the outside world.

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