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Why do we teach PSHE?

Here at Bluecoat Primary Academy our PSHE curriculum reflects the pride we take in keeping our children’s personal and moral development at the heart of all we do. Through our PSHE curriculum we provide the knowledge and environment for our children to thrive as healthy, respectful, independent and responsible individuals. Our school values are at its core to cultivate children’s knowledge and abilities to recognise and maintain healthy relationships, to value and respect differences and to develop the confidence and understandings to stand up for what is right.

Throughout our curriculum here at BPA we seek to nurture enquiring, questioning attitudes and critical thinking in our children. PSHE harnesses this to instil the knowledge and skills for children to question life in our ever changing and increasingly digital world.

How do we teach PSHE?

We use weekly teaching time and tailored quality assured resources (PSHA Association approved) which are organised around our whole school values and themes.

We also use carefully selected specialist external agencies, such as SCALF, here to allow us to compliment this and create a buzz around healthy lifestyles. This is carefully mapped to build up each year through our spiral curriculum and quality ensured resources, ensuring there is substance alongside the excitement.

Here at BPA we tailor our PSHE content and resources carefully for the needs of our children and ensure their existing understandings and misconceptions are incorporated into our PSHE teaching time. Teaching of each topic area begins with a discussion based assessment for learning session, combining each teacher’s knowledge of the needs of their class with a specific focus addressing key objectives from our spiral curriculum to inform planning

What do we teach in PSHE?

As with other areas of our curriculum, in PSHE, children revisit themes for learning as they progress through school in order to be able to access them at a deeper level each time.

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