Science Curriculum

Science Curriculum

Why do we teach Science?

At Bluecoat Primary Academy we believe a high-quality science education provides the foundations for understanding the world, by promoting experiences of exploring and investigating scientific phenomena in a range of contexts leading to a development of natural curiosity. Children will be encouraged to build their knowledge and understanding through asking questions, taking risks, experimenting, reflecting, making and learning from mistakes; whereby they acquire and apply core skills equipping them for an ever-changing diverse world.

Whole-school definition of science

Science is a way to understand our world by carefully thinking about it and testing our guesses with observations and experiments.

Science Progression Document Guide

‘Big Ideas’ of Science: provides an overview of the key ideas and procedural knowledge pupils should know by the end of the year. The Big Ideas of Science are recurring themes that appear throughout the curriculum in all series. Each Learning Point that is taught will link to a Big Idea. The ‘Big Ideas’ focus on the 4 main components of scientific knowledge: Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Earth Science

For further information regarding our science curriculum, please read our Science Progression Document below. 

For further information regarding our Science curriculum, please contact our Science Subject Leaders, Mrs Thorneloe and Mrs Howell. 

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