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Bluecoat’s curriculum is a creative framework designed to promote and sustain a thirst for knowledge & understanding, develop transferable skills and develop a love of learning. A framework consisting of six domains ensures a multi-faceted approach that enables all children to develop a deep understanding of the subjects that they are taught. Teachers plan for learning, not lessons, guiding children through big ideas or themes in order for them to progressively master key concepts. We provide relevant opportunities to apply these by building on children’s interests and drawing from a range of local, national or global themes. Whilst knowledge is at the core of our curriculum, we also believe it is essential that we deliver enriching and memorable experiences as well as develop transferable skills. We strive for our children to leave us as knowledgeable, capable, empowered individuals, strongly guided by their values.

Bluecoat Curriculum Domain Overviews

Y5 Long Term Plan 2018 2019

Y4 Long Term Plan 2018 2019

Y3 Long Term Plan 2018 2019

Y2 Long Term Plan 2018 19

Y1 Long Term Plan 2018 2019

F2 Long Term Plan 2018 2019

Nursery Long Term Plan 2018 2019

If you would like to find out more please download the Bluecoat Curriculum Domain Overviews and year group plans.

Please see below the schemes of work for RSE (Relationships & Sex Education) across all year groups along with the Statement of Practice:

Reception Scheme Of Work

Year 1 Scheme Of Work

Year 2 Scheme Of Work

Year 3 Scheme Of Work

Year 4 Scheme Of Work

Year 5 Scheme Of Work

Year 6 Scheme Of Work

Statement Of Practice

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